Take your talent acquisition to the next level with SMART SOURCE™

SMART SOURCE™ is our premium service offering.

You decide earlier in the process who to bring to interview and who to reject from the candidate shortlist.


A smarter way to source niche talent

  • 100% success rate on exclusive roles

  • 50-75% reduction in time spent on interviewing

  • Faster instruction to offer process

SMART SOURCE™ combines cutting edge software with our specialist search expertise to provide you with the right talent for your organisation.

The tools and techniques we provide are as follows:

  • Video interviewing
  • Psychometric and Skills Testing
  • Branded advertising
  • Full pre-screening
  • Social media sharing
  • Full background check
  • A minimum of 2 references

The client’s requirements are established during our qualification process and the appropriate level of service is agreed upon following these discussions.